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Office Desks

The most common types of office desks are the ones that you see every day in typical offices, magazine advertisements—even film and television! Typical office desks come in a few different styles, which are: flat, ordinary writing desks; l-shaped or corner desks with space for writing and computer work; large executive desks with plenty of hutch and shelving storage; and ergonomic desks, which are designed with the comfort and health of workers in mind. But the styles of office desks available do not end at these relatively limited choices. If you are not happy with the ordinary types of office desks sold at furniture stores, you may wish to invest in an office desk alternative. These alternatives can be more convenient, less expensive, and even more comfortable and useful than the typical office desk sold by office furniture or supply stores.

Standing Desks
Standing desks are—as the name suggests—desks which are placed on a tall pedestal which requires the worker to stand up in order to use it. Standing desks are a popular replacement of traditional desks because they force the worker to stand up to do their work. Much research has been done on the negative effects that sitting down for long periods of time can have on the body—and even the mind!—which is why standing desks are a healthy, unique alternative to regular office desks.Kitchen TablesIf you are working from home, why not use a table you already have as your office desk? During the day, your kitchen table can be outfitted with a paper organizer, office supplies, and other items that you need to get all of your work done. At the end of your home work day, you can easily store your work items in a filing cabinet nearby and in no time, the kitchen table is ready to be used for serving dinner. This option is especially useful for those who don’t work long home office hours and don’t want to spend a fortune on a brand new office desk.

Workout Desks

Workout desks, like standing desks, are designed with health—instead of, necessarily, comfort—in mind. Workout desks are usually fitted with recumbent bikes or similar machines which allow you to work out while still maintaining focus on your office work. Although these desks can take up a significant amount of space, they are a great choice for those who aren’t able to fit in regular workouts during the day.Read More  at

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